How much more money will this year’s July 4th barbecue cost?

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(Photo by Alex Edelman/Getty Images) /

Food costs continue to be part of the news cycle. With the holiday quickly approaching, many people are wondering how much will the July 4th barbecue cost? The fireworks might be a little less booming because the money will have to go to the food budget.

According to American Farm Bureau Federation, this year’s July 4th barbecue cost is up “7% or about $10 from last year.” For a group of 10 people, the cost averages “$69.68 or less than $7 per person.”

While that dollar amount is probably less than dinner out, the reality is that people are spending more money on barbecue staples like ground beef, hamburger buns and even potato salad. Across the board, all types of food costs more than previous years. Whether it is the war in Ukraine, supply chain issues or other items, all of those factors and more impact the bottom line.

How can shoppers save on July 4th barbecue cost?

While people want to celebrate the holiday, the reality is that people do not want to let the day pass without the food that they crave. Holidays and food go hand in hand. Either people need to dig deeper in their wallet or they need to find cost effective alternatives.

One food trend is that more shoppers have embraced is buying private label offerings. From Great Value to Save-A-Lot to ALDI, many stores have options that taste just as good as the brand names. Although there doesn’t necessarily need to be a blind taste test, the reality is that swapping some private label hamburger buns or condiments can be an easy way to save a few dollars.

Instead of skipping favorite parts of a meal, the food swap has become a more popular choice. Whether or not this food trend will continue as costs stabilize remains to be seen. If the private label brands can prove they are worth the value, it could remain a top choice for consumers.

How much do you think you will spend on this July 4th barbecue? Are you looking for ways to save on food costs?