Creative food collaborations that no one could have predicted

Sparkling Ice and TABASCO, Spicy Ice, photo provided by Sparkling ICE
Sparkling Ice and TABASCO, Spicy Ice, photo provided by Sparkling ICE /

More and more food brands are thinking outside of the box, or in some cases bottle. Given that some people want to be ahead of the next biggest, greatest, most talked about food trend, these creative food collaborations will have people running to get that first taste or sip before the offering quickly disappears.

Food trends can be a curious conversation. Sometimes the innovation fills a gap in the market. Sometimes the concept is totally out of the box. The success or failure of that product launch often depends on how open the general public is to the concept. Maybe 20 years ago people may not have been wanted a cultivated meat or even milk made from plants.

This April, there have been many curious food announcements that have people talking. While some people might thirst for that Lee Kum Kee Sriracha Milk or maybe that Hendrick’s Cucumber Milk is the new spa drink, these offerings are just a few of the many creative food collaborations being announced.

For example, Sparkling Ice and TABASCO collaborated on Sparkling Spice. It solved the question that many people asked, why not spice the ice.

Spicy beverages have come to store shelves. Sure, the spice adverse might prefer to pass the milk, but Sparkling Spice fills a gap in that fizzy drink market.

creative food collaboration
Sparkling Ice and TABASCO, Spicy Ice, photo provided by Sparkling ICE /

Unfortunately, Sparkling Spice is not available in stores but the food adventurous can make their own beverage. Simply combine Sparkling Ice Classic Lemonade with TABASCO Green Sauce.

Unusual milk flavors have been a big part of the food conversation. Spicy, bright and cranberry. Ocean Spray introduced Cranleche. It is a cranberry-based milk alternative. At least it was a vibrant color.

It wasn’t the only cranberry offering from Ocean Spray, it also offered Cranberry Sauce Condiment Packets. Truth be told, this idea would be perfect for Thanksgiving. Just think about the convenience for that turkey sandwich.

Speaking of convenient food, Dole just introduced the Dole Banana Pine, the world’s first peelable pineapple. No more knives, plucking leaves or worrying about that core. This fruit might have taken a while to grow and produce, but it is one that will have everyone ready to enjoy at breakfast on April 1.

Continuing the convenience conversation, Ithaca Hummus offered a 5-gallon hummus container. Whether it is a big party, an insatiable appetite, or just appreciating buying in bulk, this idea might show up at that warehouse store.

HOP WTR targeted a very specific fan group with its offering. The special mango-lime flavored water is the thirst quencher for all the MILFs. Moms are busy and often get thirsty. They might need some variety on the shelf. While this special HOP WTR is all about the zeros, it might be the hero in the cooler.

For others who want an energy boost with their mocktail, CELSIUS and MAMITAS partnered on a Prickly Pear Margarita. It contains all the essentials, plus there is no worry about a hangover. Hopefully the flavor is the sweet and tart refreshment that people will want to try.

Ranch has been a trending flavor. Welch’s added a ranch forward snack, Welch’s Ranchfuls. The fruit snacks with tangy ranch might not make the lunch box on Monday, but it might be something to consider. Ranch and fruit? No one though ranch ice cream could be a thing, but that pint is in the freezer.

creative food collaborations
Sailor Jerry’s Sailor Crunch, photo provided by Sailor Jerry /

Beverage brands looked a little outside of the box, too. Sailor Jerry went back to its roots with Sailor’s Crunch. As some rum drinkers know, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins’ trademark tattoo designs are featured on the brand’s bottle. Although some people might consider a permanent homage to the spicy rum, others might prefer a more fleeting experience.

Sailor’s Crunch is a very unique, colorful cereal. Although the colorful, flash additions might not be the typical find in the bowl, the box could be a collector’s item.

Food fans who want to make a fashion statement, MOD Pizza is MOD’s Pocket Pie Parka. It can be difficult to look good yet satisfy that hunger. Luckily this jacket covers it all, and even has napkins to keep it clean.

These creative food collaborations are just a few of the many, many fun ideas that arrived on April 1. Whether or not they are still around on April 2 remains to be seen. But, the bigger question is could they reappear on the shelf in 2024?