Frito-Lay and Quaker 2023 summer snacking report focuses on three specific areas

Frito-Lay Minis added to the snack aisle, photo provided by Frito-Lay
Frito-Lay Minis added to the snack aisle, photo provided by Frito-Lay /

Food, summer, and fun are the most flavorful combination. While some people will always gravitate towards their favorite bag of Cheetos or must have a bowl of Ruffles with hamburgers, the reality is that snacking is always part of the conversation. As seen in the Frito-Lay and Quaker 2023 summer snacking report, there are three areas where consumer behavior seems spike during the warmer months.

According to the report, Americans tend to snack more in the summer months. Whether it is the warm weather that creates a hunger or all the activities that need sustenance to complete, people are grabbing more than one bag off the shelf. While almost half of Americans eat more than three snacks per day, it shows snacks are for any and every occasion.

2023 Summer Snacking Report targets these activities and occasions

Road Trip

It might not be a trip to Wallyworld in the back of a station wagon, but summer road trips are a tradition. From a drive to the lake house or a weekend at the grandparents’ house, people enjoy hitting the open road, and it makes people hungry.

From being a stress reducer to keep the hunger at bay in between pitstops, a bag or two of snacks can make the whole experience more enjoyable. Planning snacks can help to reduce stress. While some people might create that Uber shopping list, it is more than just ensuring everyone pays their fair share. No one wants to get stuck with Funyuns if they only eat Sunchips.

According to the 2023 summer snacking report, 44% of people have hidden snacks from other passengers. One word of advice in that scenario. It is best to choose a snack that does not leave behind a telltale sign. Cheetle hands prove someone has been eating in the car.

Ultimate Summer Soiree

From the Friday night potluck to the holiday barbecue, food brings people together. More importantly, people want food that is easy to share. Almost ¾ of all respondents want choices that are “something for everyone” or “easy to share.”

That classic bag of Lay’s potato chips can be both a side dish and a topping for a burger. A bowl of Doritos can help keep the hungry kids satisfied till the hot dogs come off the grill. No matter the reason, snacks bring the smiles (as long as the bowl and bag are not empty).

Outdoor Escapes

Any parent can tell you that the post-game snack is almost more important than the game’s outcome. From celebrating the huge play to consoling a loss, the reality is that food is part of game time. The classic Take Me Out to the Ballgame song would not be the same without a reference to Cracker Jack.

Snacks are a vital part of all that outdoor fun. But, the snacking needs to be convenient. From individual bags to wrapped options, it can be helpful for everyone to have their own food. It is more than just not wanting multiple hands digging into the Tostitos bag. It combines variety, convenience, and portion control in a single purchase.

The 2023 Summer Snacking report from Frito-Lay and Quaker might not necessarily reinvent the snacking conversation, but it does give everyone some direction on the summer food purchases. It is time to stock the pantry because everyone is hungry for more fun.