HotShot hot canned coffee: Coffee convenience never tasted better


Coffee on the go is part of a morning routine. HotShot, hot canned coffee, is the convenient and tasty way to get hot coffee to go.

For many people, a steaming hot coffee is the only way to start the day. Still, hot coffee isn’t always convenient. From travel mugs to expensive trips to a coffee shop, that morning coffee is more difficult than it should be. Luckily, a new solution is available. HotShot, hot canned coffee, is the new way to drink your morning coffee.

Coffee is big business. Just a walk down the coffee aisle shows numerous brands, flavors and styles. Even the cold coffee genre has expanded. But, a convenient, to go hot coffee option hasn’t been available.

HotShot hot canned coffee: Coffee convenience never tasted better, photo by Cristine Struble

Of course, coffee shops are plentiful. But, a daily stop at a coffee stop can be quite costly. Spending $4-$6 on that morning coffee can put a dent in your wallet.

Lastly, people can, and do, make hot coffee to go at home. Sometimes you can’t wash that to-go mug until your return home at the end of the day. But, have you ever opened your car door after leaving that to-go mug in the car all day? The smell on the ride home can be almost too much to handle. Not to mention the science experiment that grew in that to-go mug after sitting in the cup holder all day. Now, there is a better option.

HotShot hot canned coffee is the convenient, easy way to have a hot can of coffee. These slim coffee cans offer a steaming hot cup of coffee in a convenient, on the go format. Even though the coffee inside is 140 degrees, the can itself isn’t extremely hot to the touch. The label acts like a heat sleeve. The insulated material keeps the coffee hot, but doesn’t burn your hand. Truthfully, the can’s sleeve protects better than some of disposable coffee cups.

The eight ounce can is perfect for the on-the-go coffee drinker. Simply grab a hot can of coffee from the HotBox and you’re on your way. There is no waiting for coffee to brew and no need for another container. Simply pop the can and steaming hot coffee is ready. Plus, the coffee does stay warm for a reasonable amount of time. I wouldn’t take forever to drink the eight ounces, but the hot coffee doesn’t cool off quickly.

HotShot hot canned coffee: Coffee convenience never tasted better, photo by Cristine Struble

The biggest caveat to enjoying HotShot at home is having space for the HotBox. The HotShot hot coffee in a can doesn’t work without the HotBox. Basically, the HotBox is small box that heats and stores the cans of coffee. It’s basically the size of a coffee maker. It does require a decent size countertop footprint, but it could replace a coffee maker. Or, it could be kept on top of the refrigerator or another convenient space.

The HotBox holds nine coffee cans. It takes about two hours to heat a coffee can. Once the coffee can is heated, it needs to remain heated. Whenever you want it, the HotShot is at a perfect 140 degrees. The heated coffee cans stay fresh for a couple of months once heated.

Many people will question whether this hot canned coffee is practical. For the busy person who likes convenience, it is. The cost, about $2 per can depending on amount purchased. The per can cost is less than most on-the-go premium coffees. Plus, you don’t have to wait on line for the hot coffee.

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Currently, HotShot comes in three flavors, black, French vanilla and hot cocoa. Additional flavors and beverages are under development. I would love to see a latte version or mocha flavor in the next roll out.

Is hot canned coffee the new coffee trend? Quite possibly. Hopefully, HotShot will start appearing at convenience stores and other retailers. Not everyone wants a cold, on the go coffee option. The easy, portable hot coffee is perfect for the coffee drinker. Coffee has a huge market and HotShot is the only one in this hot canned coffee market space. Maybe that is why it was so success on Shark Tank.

Are you ready to try this new way to drink your hot coffee? To learn more about HotShot, please visit the company website.

Have you seen HotShot or tried HotShot yourself? What are your thoughts on the hot canned coffee movement?