Roasted asparagus salad: Perfect spring vegetable recipe


Who’s ready to enjoy a spring vegetable recipe? Roasted asparagus salad is the perfect recipe to enjoy this delicious spring food.

After a very, very long winter, everyone is ready for a spring vegetable recipe. As everyone gets ready for warmer weather and longer days, a roasted asparagus salad is a perfect bite. Are you ready to enjoy part of spring’s bounty?

Asparagus is considered one of the oldest vegetables in recorded history. High in fiber, a rich source of folates and a good source of antioxidants, asparagus can be enjoyed in many ways. From simple blanching to even eaten raw, a new asparagus recipe can be enjoyed all season long.

Roasted asparagus salad, photo provided by MOD Pizza

Even though some growers can produce asparagus all season long, the best time to find the most flavorful asparagus is springtime. When picking asparagus, make sure that tender, yet firm stalks that are all uniform in size. This choice will help to create the most flavorful recipe.

Since everyone is ready for some lighter, flavorful fare, a roasted asparagus salad is a delightful choice. MOD Pizza agrees. For its springtime menu, it has introduced the dish. The restaurant’s version features house-roasted asparagus, fresh carrots, mixed greens, and parmesan cheese.

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This salad sounds absolutely delightful. The combination of the asparagus with the sweet carrot is a wonderful balance of flavors. The touch of salt from the parmesan cheese adds flavorful without being too overpowering.

Roasting the asparagus is a lovely choice. The woody flavors of the asparagus are brought out from the roasting. The char adds a depth without masking the asparagus flavor. Overall, it is a well composed bite.

While MOD Pizza would love for everyone to enjoy this asparagus dish in their restaurants, not everyone lives close to a MOD Pizza. Recreating the recipe at home wouldn’t be too hard. Anyone could even modify the dish to include some other ingredients and flavors. For people who enjoy spice, a gochujang dressing could amp up the spice levels. Just remember to keep all the flavors in balance to create the best possible bite.


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Whether you head over to MOD Pizza to enjoy its roasted asparagus salad or enjoy a similar dish at home this spring vegetable recipe is a wonderful way to enjoy the flavors of the season.