5 foods that new moms crave after giving birth


Mom cravings don’t end after giving birth. The food new moms crave after giving birth might surprise you.

As Mother’s Day approaches, favorite mom food lists are everywhere. Foods new moms crave are pretty specific. After eating for two, these mom cravings aren’t necessarily the same ones as during pregnancy. What five foods are the most popular food deliveries to maternity wards? The results are a little surprising.

5 foods that new moms crave after giving birth, photo provided by DoorDash

DoorDash combed through all its ordering data to determine the five foods that new moms want delivered to the maternity ward. Since Mother’s Day 2014, “deliveries to maternity wards [grew] by 1500%.” It’s not necessarily a reflection on hospital food, but new moms want, and deserve, whatever they crave.

With so many food delivery options from DoorDash, moms can get whatever they want, when they want it. From the ultimate burger to the biggest piece of chocolate cake, those delicious bites are just a call away. Don’t make mom eat fruit flavored gelatin.

What are the five foods that new moms crave after giving birth? Check out the complete list.

5 foods that new moms crave after giving birth, photo provided by DoorDash

Pad Thai

The most requested food that new moms crave is pad thai. Pad Thai is a stir fry noodle dish. Often considered a Thai street food, the hot noodles can be served with tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp.

Sometimes the dish can be a little spicy, depending on the type and amount of chili used in the recipe. Craving pad thai is a curious choice for new moms. Pregnant women shouldn’t eat raw sprouts. This dish usually includes bean sprouts. It could be a way to satisfy that particular craving.

Also, some pregnant women can’t eat spicy foods during pregnancy. Heartburn can be a concern. The pad thai could be that spicy bite she hasn’t enjoyed in a while.

Lastly, pad thai is a very comforting noodle dish. The bold flavors and tasty noodles can be a fulfilling bite for someone who has been through labor. Instead of grabbing the bottle of wine, this noodle dish can be the satisfying bite that a new mom needs.

5 foods that new moms crave after giving birth, photo provided by DoorDash

French fries

Just one whiff can cause your stomach to grumble. French fries are the second most requested food by new moms. Moms don’t necessarily need that burger or sandwich. She just wants a big plate of French fries.

French fries can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and even flavors. From the crinkle fries to waffle fries to shoestring fries, everyone has a favorite type. Personally, my preference changes depending on what I’m eating.

The bigger debate isn’t the French fry style, rather it is the French fry condiment. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise – maybe even a Wendy’s Frosty – everyone has some very specific opinions on the preferred condiment. Right now, I’m obsessed with gochujang ketchup. I’m totally hooked on the spicy, fermented chili ketchup.

5 foods that new moms crave after giving birth, photo provided by DoorDash

Fried rice

Forget the Keto diet or carb free living. New moms crave some fried rice. There is something comforting about the stir-fried rice.

Sometimes served as a side dish, fried rice can be enjoyed as its own meal. While recipes vary, some versions include chicken, pork, shrimp or beef. Of course, vegetables are often included with the fried rice. Carrots, peas and some chives usually make the cut.

The only downside with fried rice is that it can be a little salty if made with too much soy sauce. This dish needs a good balanced flavor to be successful. No one wants a fork of too salty flavor.

Fried rice is considered a left over dish. While your favorite delivery place isn’t serving you leftovers, the home version tends to use food left over from previous meals. Next time you have some extra chicken, try making some fried rice. It’s rather easy to make.

If the new mom craves some fried rice, don’t let her down. DoorDash can get it to the maternity ward.

5 foods that new moms crave after giving birth, photo provided by DoorDash

Chicken wings

Time to get your hands and face dirty. Wings are a classic craveable food. Whether you like them fried, smoked, spicy or sweet, there is a chicken wing for everyone’s palate.

It was somewhat surprising for wings to be on a mom’s favorite food list. Wings are often considered a tailgating food or maybe a sports food. Who hasn’t seen a big group of guys chowing down on a huge plate of wings?

Seeing women craving wings is a nice change. Good food is genderless. Women can eat a dozen wings just as easily as a guy. And, women can handle the heat. Don’t make those wings bland thinking that a woman doesn’t like spice.

If you are getting some wings delivered, hopefully the delivery service remembers the ranch or blue cheese. There is nothing worse that missing your sauce for those delicious wings.

5 foods that new moms crave after giving birth, photo provided by DoorDash

Chips and guacamole

It doesn’t have to be Cinco de Mayo to enjoy some chips and guacamole. The fifth most requested food delivery to new moms is chips and guacamole. Adding a tasty margarita is optional.

Guacamole can be very personal. Some people enjoy super chunky guacamole. Other people prefer super smooth versions. Spice levels and particular ingredients also vary. (Try some olives in your next batch). Everyone has a favorite, but is there really a bad version of guacamole?

The bigger divide comes with chips. Some people enjoy a traditional tortilla chip and other people prefer a scoop-style chip. Sometimes the chip should change based on the style of guacamole. A thicker, chunky guacamole is better suited to scoop-style chip. Just don’t serve anyone stale chips. That is just not acceptable.

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This list of foods new moms crave is just the tip of the iceberg. Moms, not just on Mother’s Day, deserve the best. If she has a favorite food, make sure that she enjoys it on Mother’s Day, in the maternity ward or just when she’s having a hard day.

Take a moment to remember everything that mom does. She deserves to enjoy her favorite foods. What’s your mom’s favorite food? Share your thoughts with FoodSided.