Dairy Queen Star Spangled Blizzards celebrate America


Dairy Queen celebrates America with new Americana-inspired Blizzards. The fireworks on your red spoon will be as exciting as the fireworks in the sky.

Ready to celebrate America? Dairy Queen is raising a red spoon to the red, white and blue. The two new Americana-inspired Blizzards are perfect for the upcoming holiday as well as the entire National Ice Cream month. Who’s ready to indulge in a frozen treat?

Starting on July 2, the iconic DQ will offer both the Star Spangled Blizzard Treat and the OREO Firework Blizzard Treat. Since these frozen treats have a limited time availability, everyone better get a taste before they disappear. Just like summer fireworks, they won’t last long.

Dairy Queen Star Spangled Blizzards celebrate America, photo provided by Dairy Queen

The Star Spangled Blizzard Treat is a super combo for the summer holiday. First, the treat starts with a classic Blizzard featuring colorful rock candy and DQ vanilla soft serve. Plus, that popping frozen treat is topped with more blue rock candy and a DQ Stars & Stripes StarKiss.

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Of course, the colors are extremely patriotic. Who doesn’t want to enjoy some red, white and blue treats for the July holiday? Having two treats in one is a nice surprise. Luckily this treat is available only in a mini-size. I don’t think anyone could handle a large version of this double treat.

More importantly, this special dessert will make for a picture perfect moment. Just make sure that you get that picture quickly. No one really wants melted ice cream.

While the Star Spangled Blizzard Treat is available while supplies last, the patriotic fun doesn’t end when the popping candy fades away. The OREO Firework Blizzard Treat is available throughout July. As the featured flavor of the month, this special Blizzard is a great choice for OREO fans or someone who wants a little red, white and blue.

The OREO Firework Blizzard takes blends OREO cookie pieces and popping candy with the classic DQ creamy vanilla soft serve. The combination of sweet and sparkles makes for an entertaining flavor explosion. Who doesn’t love popping candy? There is something just fun about food that is interactive.

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Are you ready to head to Dairy Queen for some delicious patriotic Blizzards? Get your red, white and blue frozen treats soon before they disappear.