Krispy Kreme Doughnuts birthday celebration: $1 Original Glazed Dozen


It’s Krispy Kreme Doughnuts birthday. Let’s all celebrate with Glazed Confetti Doughnut and $1 Original Glazed dozen.

Happy Birthday Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. It’s time to grab a friend and feed your Krispy Kreme craving with $1 Original Glazed dozen. Of course, there is a little catch. The offer is available only on July 27, the brand’s birthday. Also, only the second dozen is a dollar. Still, an extra dozen for just a $1 is pretty tasty.

The birthday celebration doesn’t just stop at the special offer. Krispy Kreme is celebrating its birthday with a special release doughnut, Glazed Confetti Doughnut. Available July 27 through August 2, this special doughnut focuses on favorite birthday flavors. The dough is a vanilla birthday cake-inspired flavor. The dough has confetti sprinkles folded within it. Add the class Original Glaze and some extra colorful sprinkles and the celebration is ready.

Kreme Krispy Doughnuts, Glazed Confetti Doughnut, photo provided by Krispy Kreme

It is nice that the favorite doughnut brand is making the celebration about its fans. From the special limited edition flavor to the $1 dozen deal, the celebration is more about the fans than just the company. Sure, it is good business to bring in more customers, but the deals are a better benefit for the fans.

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While the Glazed Confetti Doughnut is just for this special celebration, it would be nice to see this flavor stay on the permanent menu. More people aren’t just serving cake for birthdays. Just think of the birthday doughnut tower with this flavor. Or, it would be nice if Krispy Kreme could make a gigantic doughnut in this flavor. Then fans could have a doughnut cake for a celebration.

More and more, Krispy Kreme is offering these limited edition doughnuts for special celebrations. From the eclipse doughnuts to fan voted flavors, it does entice more customers to buy more doughnuts. It would be nice to see some of these flavors become a permanent flavor. While it seems unlikely the chocolate glazed doughnuts would ever be more than a special, limited edition flavor, other flavors, like this Glazed Confetti Doughnut, could be possible.

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Will you be celebrating Krispy Kreme Doughnuts birthday with either the $1 second dozen promotion or the Glazed Confetti Doughnut? Share you pictures with us and tag #FoodSided. Try to make us crave one these delicious doughnuts.