National Guacamole Day, who loves guacamole more?


Are you celebrating National Guacamole Day? The love of avocados seems to have taken over and made this food holiday more than just a one day celebration.

Did you know that National Guacamole Day is September 16? Many restaurants will be offering specials for the annual food holiday. Whether you call guacamole a dip, spread, salad or even a condiment, everyone seems to love guacamole. Will you be enjoying copious amounts on this food holiday?

Recently, GrubHub looked at people’s obsession with guacamole. Sure, that avocado goodness is often an “extra” or special charge to a meal. People are still wanting more and more guacamole. In the past two years, guacamole orders are 20% more popular in foods orders.

The big increase in guacamole orders comes from millennials loving their guacamole. Just like many other food trends, millennials are pushing this guacamole boom (just like avocado toast, right?). Instead of just accompanying a bowl of tortilla chips, guacamole is finding its way onto sandwiches, bowls and even a pizza.

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Even when that guacamole is extra, people are willing to pay for that luscious, good fat on top of almost any dish. Usually dishes like arroz con pollo, burritos and steak nachos are just tastier with guacamole on it. Maybe the avocado balances the spice level or maybe people think it just makes the dish taste better. Whatever the reason, people are want more of it.

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While many people might be passionate about the weekly Taco Tuesday, another weekday is more popular with guacamole orders. According to GrubHub, guacamole is ordered more on Mondays than any other day of the week. It isn’t clear if people just want guacamole or people just don’t want to cook on Mondays. Either way, guacamole is a must with those to-go orders.

Although all the ordering data is quite interesting, one huge question has been left unanswered. What do you put in your guacamole? Spicy, cilantro or the type of onions can cause a huge debate with guacamole fans. Heaven forbid if you add extra jalapenos when someone at the table just can’t handle the heat.

Also, some chefs are even transforming the traditional guacamole into some “healthier” versions. Edamame or pea guacamole has been popping up on menus. While I appreciate the flavor, those versions can be a little less satisfying when you’re craving the classic version.

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Will you be celebrating National Guacamole Day? Show us how you’re celebrating this food holiday and use #FoodSided to make us crave some delicious guacamole.