Aldi’s tastiest June specials are summer perfection

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From unicorn food to mango mimosa, Aldi June specials are summer perfection.

A new month brings new Aldi specials. These Aldi June specials are going to be on everyone’s must try list. From toasting the summer with a mango mimosa to the delicious s’mores cookie kit, everyone will be heading to the store to pick up all these treats.

Every week it seems that Aldi specials are tempting people to make another purchase. From snacks to dinner options to even another great wine find, Aldi’s deals cannot be missed.

Luckily, the June specials have been released and there are so many tempting choices every week. Like many special deals, it pays to act early. No one wants to be left missing out on one of summer’s must have products.

Here are FoodSided’s picks for the tastiest Aldi June specials.

Nature’s Nectar Sparkling Watermelon Juice: Watermelon and summer go hand in hand. These 4-pack, assorted varieties are refreshing on that hot summer day. Available June 3, a 4-pack retails for $3.89.

State of Brewing Raspberry Lemon Spiked Lemonade: Since lemonade is summer’s most refreshing beverage, this alcoholic version is definitely a great choice for a barbecue. Available June 10, it retails for $6.99.

Sundae Shoppe Red, White & Blue Pops: Summer isn’t complete with some red, white and blue treats. These pops definitely add a little patriotic flare to those backyard barbecues. Available June 17, a box retails for $1.99.

Mango Mimosa: With June being Mango Month, it makes sense to pop open a Mango Mimosa. The tropical twist is so tasty, it might be best to buy two bottles. Available June 17, a bottle retails for $8.99.

Clancy’s Nashville Hot Chicken Kettle Chips: Potato Chips are a summer must-have. These spicy kettle chips mimic the flavors of that irresistible Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. Available June 24, a bag retails for $1.89.

Baker’s Corner S’mores Cookie Kit: Who doesn’t eat s’mores over the summer? This cookie kit doesn’t need a campfire, but brings all those classic flavors. Can you almost taste it? Available June 24, a kit retails for $4.99.

Fremont Fish Market Seafood Boil: Channeling a summer day by the beach, this seafood boil in a bag will have you thinking that you are by the seashore. With everything that you need in the bag, the only thing left is plenty of napkins and a bib to keep from spilling. Available June 24, the seafood boil retails for $9.99.

Casa Sangrioso Sangria Rose Box Wine: Rose all day is definitely a summer mantra. This wine box can make any occasion into a party. Available June 24, the box retails for $9.99.

Sundae Shoppe Unicorn Ice Cream Cones: The unicorn food trend is still going strong. These colorful ice cream treats will turn any occasion into a magical one. And, if you prefer a space themed treat, there are Galactic Ice Cream Cones too. Available June 24, a box retails for $3.49.

These tasty Aldi summer finds are just a few of the many options. From pizzas to snacks, there is always something tempting at Aldi.

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