April Fool’s Day food pranks that should be real

Pickle Pizookie BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse
Pickle Pizookie BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse / BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse

While many people might have been duped by the specialty martini or wish that they could cover any food in that cascading original glaze, the reality is that some funny food jokes have a glimmer of reality. In a world where pink sauce can be a viral trend, a few of these April Fool’s Day food pranks might be hitting store shelves in the not-so-distant future.

The best jokes have some connection to reality. The overly absurd moment might be part of a script, but people must get the joke. April Fool’s jokes have a bigger impact when there is something plausible in the idea.

For example, the Hidden Valley Ranch Burt Bee’s collaboration started as a lark. Now, it is being sold. With a few of these ideas, there are some tasty concepts that are waiting to be discovered.

From the Del Taco and Tic Tacs idea to the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Breadsticks, they are food and flavors people want. Other ideas are equally compelling.

BJ’s Pizickle Pizookie might sound curious, but there have been pickle desserts before. Pickles were a featured bar snack in a recent Top Chef episode. Why not combine pickles and ice cream? It is just as appetizing as mac and cheese or mustard frozen desserts.

Although there is an old joke about pickles, ice cream, and pregnancy cravings, the idea is not totally unplausible. Pickle flavors continue to trend. From rice cakes to cotton candy, people are taking that briny flavor to new experiences.

Additionally, the idea of a flavored toothpaste might appeal to a particular group who does not like mint. The Lee Kum Kee created a Sriracha Mayo Toothpaste, similar to its Sriracha Mayo Sauce, for April 1.

Although this offering might have a very particular audience, there could be an idea here. If kids can have bubblegum toothpaste, why shouldn’t adults have a little spicy fresh breath?

Continually the colorful food trend, the Kraft Mac and Cheese and Fruity Pebbles could really happen. There was a vivid pink Kraft Mac and Cheese. Fruit and cheese work on a cheese plate. A little tangy, fruity note in that favorite comfort food just might work.

While the Sonic and Moe’s Southwest Grill collaboration of a Queso Slush might be a little too outrageous to believe, many people would love an Auntie Anne’s and Frontier Airline’s collaboration for a Pretzel Plane. That option would put those little snack bags to shame and it would make for a much more appealing travel aroma.

Nothing against Jet Blue and Nathan’s Famous, but a hot dog plane might be a little divisive. No one needs an in-air debate over whether a hot dog is or is not a sandwich. People are tense enough when flying. Still, a hot dog on that long haul flight could be the meal that people really appreciate.

No matter if people laughed, shook their head, or just scrolled to the next post, April Fools food pranks make the day a little more enjoyable. Will the next round be a little more outrageous or will these ideas become a reality? Everyone might agree that Auntie Anne’s pretzels on a plane would make the lack of leg room a lot more bearable.