M&M’s Las Vegas celebrates the funkind in a culturally vibrant way

The Prize Pack is comprised of unique product offerings from M&M’S Las Vegas and share size packs of a variety of M&M’S flavors
The Prize Pack is comprised of unique product offerings from M&M’S Las Vegas and share size packs of a variety of M&M’S flavors /

At any time of day, the vibrancy and excitement of the Las Vegas strip shines brightly. While some people visit with a hope of good fortune, a hunger for delectable food, or a moment of diversion, the diversity of offerings are more than just a fantasy of fun. It is the immersive experiences that linger in the mind long after the lights fade from view. At the M&M’s Las Vegas store, that original location continues to bring that funkind to guests in a colorful, inclusive way.

Whether M&M’S fans have connected with a flavor, a color, or a spokescandy, the classic candy creates a connection. From the customized candies for special occasion to the always popular Halloween choice, the reality is that it deserves its iconic status.

Over the years, M&M’S has evolved beyond a candy in a bag. The immersive M&M’S Stores across the globe have become a way for fans to step into that sweet world. Whether it is an opportunity to create that personalized treat or a taste of special locale, this form of eater-tainment resonates with people.

Currently, the M&M’S Las Vegas location is celebrating its 25 anniversary. Since its opening in 1997, the store has welcomed more than 100 million people. As part of this celebration, the brand is asking people to share their memories on social media. From the happy to the silly to everything else, those moments are bringing together a sense of community through that concept of funkind for all.

How did M&M’S Las Vegas change the landscape for eater-tainment?

While the Las Vegas strip has a plethora of food and entertainment options, M&M’S Las Vegas continues to entice people to walk through its doors. During a recent Q&A with Danny Pooni, Global Retail Operations Director for Mars Retail Group, it is clear that this flagship store is more than just a retail destination. It captures the company’s desire to create a sense of inclusivity. Everyone and anyone can step into this sweet world and feel welcomed.

Given that M&M’S Las Vegas was the first location, Pooni gave some insight on how this store shaped the concept. While the sentiment might be similar across the world, each location is unique.

Pooni said, “Since opening its doors, M&M’S Las Vegas has been a top destination in the Las Vegas area, and just this year, we won a 2022 Traveler’s Choice Award from Trip Advisor. Over the last twenty-five years, we’ve had more than 100 MILLION fans visit the store to join us in colorful fun. After the success of M&M’S Las Vegas, we knew that choosing culturally vibrant locations for our retail stores needed to be key to our expansion strategy. Now, all seven of our stores around the globe incorporate region-specific décor that clearly distinguishes its location, paying homage to the region’s culture and fully immersing guests in an interactive M&M’S brand experience designed to bring our fans together.”

Since Las Vegas has tempting treats at every corner, the M&M’S store is more than just a place to fill the bag with sweetness. Pooni shared, “Beyond food, Las Vegas is all about experiences – which is why our M&M’S Las Vegas store fits in so well. M&M’S Las Vegas – and all our stores globally – offer visitors an immersive retail experience. From in-store character moments, personalized and customized products that can be purchased as gifts or souvenirs, refreshed product assortments, photo moments and much more, M&M’S Las Vegas is designed to invite visitors to be their true selves and share their sense of humor with the world. The store really brings the brand’s purpose – to create a world where everyone feels they belong – a world for all funkind – to life.”

Even though Las Vegas was the original location, it has evolved over the years. During the 25th anniversary celebration, it is a time to look at the past, present, and future of the idea of eater-tainment.

Pooni commented, “Our M&M’S Las Vegas store has spent over 25 years bringing people together through colorful fun and we’re not slowing down now. We’re constantly looking for new ways to connect and celebrate with our fans. In fact, to celebrate M&M’S 25th Anniversary, we hosted a giveaway on Twitter in honor of the milestone. Store guests were invited to share their favorite M&M’S Las Vegas experiences on Twitter, tagging the brand (@mmschocolate) and using hashtag #MMSLV25Sweeps for the chance to win one of twenty-five M&M’S Las Vegas prize packs comprised of unique M&M’S Las Vegas products and a variety of M&M’S packs.”

While this opportunity is a sweet one for some lucky people, M&M’S has and will continue to celebrate the colorful world. From its partnership with Lil Nas X to the newest spokescandy, that sense of community seems to be stronger than ever.

Pooni believes, “M&M’S are for everyone, which is why as a brand, we’re on a mission to create a world where everyone feels they belong. We all belong to a community of humans that share one simple and powerful thing in common: fun. At our M&M’S Stores, and in all that we do as a brand, we want to give fans the chance to take part in colorful fun, because we know that’s the most powerful way to include people and help them feel that they belong.”

Since the classic candy is all about fun and expressing some personality, the Las Vegas store is the perfect spot to create a special treat. From classic Las Vegas imagery to something over the top, the options are many.

Pooni shared, “I would choose some Las Vegas specific designs that we provide such as the iconic Las Vegas sign, a pair of dice or a playing deck of cards. Depending on the occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.), I would also add the faces of my wife or kids, to really give it that personalized and unique feel. And for anyone outside the Las Vegas area, I encourage you to head over to M&M’S website where you can personalize your very own M&M’S for any upcoming special occasions you may have!”

M&M’S Las Vegas is located on the Strip. In addition, there are M&M’S stores in Berlin, Disney Springs, London, Mall of America, New York and Shanghai.

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