4 grill tips to get your gas grill ready for barbecue season


Is your gas grill ready for barbecue season, summer parties and the upcoming holiday? These four grill tips will keep you master of the flame.

Barbecue season is here but is your gas grill ready? These four grill tips can help make sure that you grill is ready for the hamburgers, hot dogs and other culinary delights. Whether you are cooking for a huge party or a casual weekend dinner, these grill tips can help make sure your grill is in top shape for grilling season. Ready to light the flame?

Here are a few tips from Wayne Archer, technical expert at Sears Home Services that will have your grill in top shape for grilling season.

Clean the grates

A clean surface is needed for the best grilling results. Dirty, or rusty, grates aren’t good for cooking. A good grill brush can scrub away all the dirt and residue on those grill grates. While it is best to clean the grill grates every time you grill, a good cleaning never hurts.

Personally, a wood grill brush is a great option. The wood can scrape away the residue without leaving behind any mess. The metal brush types can break off, which isn’t good. No one wants metal in their barbecue.

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Check all the connections and hoses

Cooking with a gas grill requires propane. No one wants to have a propane leak around an open flame. Before grilling, make sure that all the connections and hoses are in good shape. The valves should be tight and the line should be free from cracks.

One way to test the line is with soapy water. If bubbles start to form around the line, there is a problem. Turn off the gas and replace the line and/or connection.

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Inspect the igniter

Do you hear a click but never see a spark? If your gas grill has an igniter, it is best to check that igniter frequently. If the igniter clicks, but doesn’t spark, that situation isn’t good. The fix could be a simple one, like get new batteries. Otherwise, take a look at the igniter to make sure that it is free from build up. A little scrub with sandpaper can make a difference.

Cover it up

The idea is pretty simple, but it can make a big difference. When you’re not using your grill, keep it covered up. A grill cover can help to protect the grill when it isn’t in use. Between the occasional storms to keeping that crazy squirrel off it, the grill cover is a simple, yet important investment.

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If your gas grill ready for barbecue season? These simple four grill tips can get your grill in shape. Who’s ready to light the flame?